bag snatchers

they'll probably steal your candy.

pee wee herman 2008

the joker 2008

(try not to be jealous of elliot's costume. i spent hours on it. )

little elliot feels like he was born for this role and embraced his character from the start,

...while owen had a harder time really feeling the part. but after an intense pep talk he's now fully committed and ready to deliver.

if you happen to come across pee wee tonight, make sure you request "the dance". he did his homework and is prepared to show off his moves.

but just in case you miss him...tequila!

happy halloween


Kristy said...

I almost snorted my cereal. Pee Wee is fabulous!

jaime said...

just when i thought life couldn't get any better, you had to go and do something like this...

i am so phased.

please make sure you teach owen to say "i know you are but what am i".
and then my life would be complete.

i wish we were hanging. oh well. maybe next year.

blake said...

they both look awesome! hahaha

Zach and Whitney said...

I love their costumes. They look so cute, I mean scary.

Amy said...

holy crap that's awesome. we need to hang with that new kid of yours he seems tight.

brady lady said...

wish i lived closer so i could fully enjoy the dance, good job pee wee, i mean owen!

TwDen said...

wow. both excellente.

kayleen, can i get your email address to talk to you about pictures?

angela hardison said...


that's not a word, is it. oh well.

diana rose said...

he pulled it off. the bow tie was well worth the wait.

sarah said...

such a great costume. i don't think i adequately expressed my joy at the suit in person.