worth remembering

sprinkling cupcakes:

owen, you ask me every morning where we're going and what "special fun stuff" we're going to do that day. i fear that you're bound to be disappointed with life in general, because most days just aren't that special, son. so when you asked me this morning to help you make a house for the birds to live in, i thought that making cupcakes would be a nice alternative. you agreed.

"licking the cake":

elliot, i forgot how happy (and a lot messy) letting you lick the beaters makes you. your little smile was worth all the mess until you decided to plant your face on my couch. that was uncalled for. but don't worry. i forgive you.

painting pumpkins:


great job on the pumpkins, boys. i think they're perfect representations of your inner-selves. who knew a couple of toddlers could be so in tune?

owen, take notice of your chaotic kaleidoscope of color. it's always a party with you. an extremely loud and over the top party. but a party none the less.

and elliot, i think a black & white palette makes perfect sense. any kind of happy medium is nonexistent with you. we're hoping it's due to the molars coming in.

we love you.


jaime said...

i love this post.

it has that sense of "i am enjoying the precious moments of motherhood"... which late i have serious forgotten.


jaime said...

woah. i just re-read my comment and let me go-ahead and correct myself:

"which OF late i have SERIOUSLY forgotten"

sorry. i blame my cold and lack of sleep.

brady lady said...

oh how you make me laugh

diana rose said...

oh. so those are the cupcakes we missed out on. i guess i'll never know the delicious goodness that caused that satisfied smile on elliot's face.