best of fall
  • harvest wreaths

  • over-sized scarfs
  • pine cones and candles
  • carmel apples rolled in pecans

  • old sweaters
  • hiding the 10 extra pounds you were suppose to lose before the holidays under old sweaters
  • fake spiders and webs?

  • witches hats and brooms?
  • plastic skeletons?

  • halloween decorations? -- seriously? having children has made a complete hypocrite of me. pretty soon i'll be dressing them in character clothing and letting them watch winnie the pooh.


the MomBabe said...

I can't WAIT to see your house at Christmas.

brady lady said...

there's nothing wrong with winnie the pooh

TwDen said...

there is nothing wrong with spider webs.. those are decorative halloween webs, right? because i guess if those are real, there is something wrong and you are disgusting.

jaime said...

i hate halloween. honestly. but halloween decor gets me crazy. i'm all about it.

i'm pretty sure being a mother makes us all huge hypocrites. i might have committed a cardinal sin and bought jax some spiderman shoes for school.

i hate myself.

chelsea :: stock said...

where do people find such awesome halloween decorations? not fair.

hey we are going to cook dinner for mom's birthday on November 2nd. I was thinking we should just do pot luck. what do you think?

MaMaMaMandy said...

I wanted to say something the other day that went along this line..."so, you've given up trying to be too cool for school and actually decorate because it brings joy to your kids and can be kinda fun?" ... but I refrained. Welcome to motherhood Kaylo. I am an old mom in a middle-aged moms body...minus the mom jeans, of course.

brady lady said...

oh kayleen, i love your blog layout, so simple, how do you get it to look so good?