pants are optional

perfect weather for us means leaving the kitchen door and windows open while preparing dinner.

and not wearing any pants.* sanitary? probably not.

in the spirit of using what we have and simplifying our lives i'm trying to make more of our meals with our year supply ingredients. bringing our food back to basics.

it's healthier, less expensive and will hopefully get me to actually rotate those 10+ brown boxes under our bed that have yet to be opened.

but more than anything, i'm hoping it'll relieve the anxiety (oh, the throat closing anxiety) i feel every time i hear about making sure we all have our year supply. being prepared has never really been my forte. so maybe getting in the habit of really using it will make it easier for me to buy, organize and stock up on. right?

here's what i made from scratch the other night.

chicken biscuit rolls

sad little guys, aren't they?

i'm thinking our best bet is to just cross our fingers and pray really hard that things never come down to us relying on our year supply. because i don't know if i would even want to last a year on these.

(if there was any way to make a taco bell cheesy gordita crunch last 30 years, i'd buy a thousand of 'em. those i could hang with for a year.)

*owen. not me. geez.


brady lady said...

don't be so hard on yourself, they look good to me.

brady lady said...

yes, i would love your help with editing the html, i tried myself but it didn't work, i'm horrible with computer stuff. maybe next time we plan a girls get-together, we could do it then. when is the next girls outing, it has been way too long? by the way, guess who's prego?? wenda!

kate lines; said...

oh the anexity. after reading your post i will think about food storage all day. and realize all my excuses for not yet starting are lame. thanks kayleen, for showing me the error of my ways.

Cassie and Joe said...

Hey you are way better than me on the food storage. I think we have like 2 or 3 boxes of stuff. And a special thanks to Owen for entertaining Keelie during sacrament meeting! He cracks me up! And I know Keelie loved him as well!

chelsea :: stock said...

don't worry kayleen, you don't want to get too good at food storage, because then it becomes your calling.

that's the real reason I try very hard to not develop any talents I may have. (I am pretty sure that violates some specific doctrine...)

MaMaMaMandy said...

I'm glad you put in that footnote about the pants...I was wondering through the whole post. Ha. Yeah- year supply- I know I have a cookbook to help use the items in my year supply, but frankly that requires planning...and we all know I can't do that. sheesh.