let's talk politics

sigh. no. that'd be crazy (and boring). let's talk about me instead.

telling secrets in the rain

a fresh blog feels good. a new tag from chelsea to help get the ball rolling feels even better.

5 randoms (you know the drill.):
i was a boy 3 years in a row for halloween. the costume consisted of a painted black eye and baseball cap. how stereotypical. but that's how people threw down back then. you used what you had laying around the house or you made it from scratch. like when spencer's mom dressed him up as a mummy using only toilet paper. the entire thing had unraveled before he even got to his first house. now that's a halloween costume.

i stopped wearing jewelery a long time ago. i made a conscious decision a few years back, let all of my earring holes close, retired the necklaces and bangles (i never wore bangles), and now only ever wear my wedding band and watch. i won't get into all of the bombastic reasons as to why, but it's one of the few life decisions i've actually stuck to thus far.

i'm a one-trick pony. none of my hobbies can co-exist together. that would mean having some sort of balance in my life. balance...not really my thing. so instead i binge and purge. healthy, i know. i'm on the tail end of a running/workout binge right now. not sure what's next. maybe i'll pick up scrapbooking.

i rarely make new friends. after X amount of years wondering what was wrong with everyone else, i realized the problem was probably me. maybe it's because i stopped wearing jewelery...who knows.

tv is my boyfriend. it's true. he is. about a year ago i attended a meditating class looking to find my inner zen. the very first thing our instructor taught us was that there were all different forms of meditation. we each needed to find out what worked best for us. he spoke of sitting in silence, going for walks, reading, watching tv....wait. watching tv counts as meditation? i'm in.

needless to say, i skipped out on class early, got home just in time to catch the season premiere of lost and haven't looked back since. so now when i zone out in front of another bravo marathon, i'm allowed to say that i'm not being unproductive...i'm simply chasing my inner zen.


brady lady said...

finally a new post. i never started wearing jewelry, it's for girls. my wedding ring and a watch is about it for me too and i only wear them when i'm going somewhere really special. i hate jewelry.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back. As usual, I disagree with mostly everything you do in your life. Just kidding. I always called myself a bum for halloween, but it sounds like I wore the same costume as you.

fashion police! said...


omg! no. you. did. n't.

i'm calling cps! where's my bling'd out celly-tele?

diana rose said...

i can't believe that "fashion police" totally posted on the wrong blog... how embarassing! they must've meant for that to be posted on your stompy feet blog. sucks to be them.

anyways... "i rarely make new friends" is that the only reason why you're still my friend? not 'cause you actually like me, but because you don't feel like putting the energy into finding a new one? okay, i can deal with that.

jaime said...

my heart was all a-flutter when i read "let's talk politics" as the title of your post. you tricked me. *sigh*. and i was so excited to hear your passionate positions on the state of american politics.

oh well.

you must think me and my XL jewelry are uber obnoxious.

p.s. speaking of "new friends"...we can do my kids pics when you guys come out here if you want to. but ONLY if you want to. i would hate to take time away from your vay-cay. so you decide...i'm cool with whatever.

sarbear said...

that's weird, after years of knowing that me having the tiniest gaggle of friends is the fault of my many many deep personality defects, i've recently come to the conclusion that it's everyone else's problem. people are crazy not to like me and flock to my side.

ok, that was an attempt at self-esteem. i'm pretty sure it's my steely exterior that chases people away. and when i say steely, i'm not referring to my buns of...

sarbear said...

(i'm retarded.)

Sarah Williams said...

as a yoga teacher i had to laugh out loud at you tv as meditation. not knocking you or anything, my husband totally agrees. he doesn't see how being in crazy poses is at all relaxing. he lectures...something like tv is true relaxation b/c you can fall asleep while doing it, people don't fall asleep laying on ropes or being twisted up. i suppose i agree - so your all good on your meditation route.

chelsea :: stock said...

first off... excellent photo of you and the first born.

secondly... it's a dangerous weapon you just gave me. tv as meditation? hmm... so dvr is really just a tool I use towards finding inner peace? that's gotta be some sort of tax write-off.

TwDen said...

just checked, it is a tax write-off.

and i think all those bold factoids are true about me.. except for the jewelry thing. i still wear it.