6:30 am

owen crawls in our bed.

elliot follows.

i pretend to sleep while owen plays with my hair and elliot's little hand pats my face.

the conversation:
me: "you're a good boy, owie."

owen: "you a good boy too, mommy."

they "hide" under the covers.

we stay in bed until it's time for breakfast,

...and oswald plays on the tv.


i need a way to preserve these moments to memory. to remember exactly how they feel now.
the hum of owen's sleepy voice rambling. the texture of elliot's pudgy hand against my cheek.
a way to turn that feeling into something tangible enough to grab.

there's no way to retain it all. the moment's too big.

(a couple photos and lines on paper are only bound to fail me, i'm sure.)

download & listen: fleet foxes -- mykonos

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