I may or may not have been at the midnight showing of twilight

I was. And it was everything I expected it would be. (maybe a bit funnier than expected, though. [which may not have actually been on purpose.])

I thought bella's and charlie’s characters did great. there really couldn't of been a better bella, so bravo kristen stewart.

It was hilarious to see mike newton, jessica, awkward little asian boy, etc. played out on the big screen. -- that might of been my favorite part.

most of my qualms with the movie had to do with edward. he kind of spoke like he was mentally disabled at times (i mean the whole time), which had my secondhand embarrassment radar on full alert. so uncomfortable to watch.

i think a few over the top details could have been presented in a more subtle tone. For example:
the cullen’s skin color? – it can be pale white without looking like they've dunked their heads in a bucket of flour.
The “sparkling” skin in sunlight? – umm. kind of threw up in my mouth a little bit. emmet's velour track suit? -- oh please tell me someone else noticed that.
edward flying through the tops of the trees and running with bella on his back? – wow. that was the point of the movie when I became completely embarrassed for myself that this was the same book that I’ve read more than once. More than twice. (more than three times.) utterly embarrassing. but i guess that's why they call it a guilty pleasure, because i cannot admit to loving it without laughing out loud at myself.
with all that being said, it did satisfy every expectation I had for it. (other than needing a couple more kissing/sexual tension scenes. [we got jipped on that part.]) It was good. If you love the books, then you’ll like the movie. If you didn’t love the books, well then you probably won't be seeing the movie anyway, so it really doesn't matter.

happy twilighting.


spencer said...

my "secondhand embarassment" meter just popped it's top.

but i still love ya!

kayleen said...

ha. (don't say "popped it's top" ever again.)

Anonymous said...

I just tried to call you because I couldn't agree more with this. I liked Bella and Charlie too. And the friend Jessica, she was my favorite. I couldn't hold it in anymore though when Edward threw Bella on his back and started running up the mountain. He was horrible. I thought that maybe I would think he was better looking once I saw the movie, but not only does he talk like he is retarded, he looks a little bit retarded too. I can't figure it out. I need to read the book again so I can fall back in love with Edward and erase movie Edward from my mind. Wish we would have gone together-it would have been fun.


jaime said...

woah. what happened to going with the ladies, dressed up as the cast?

you got me all excited and now you've let me down. i even got my rosalie costume together, complete with wig.

you have broken my heart.

wanna go again next weekend? sat night? with the ladies?

Katie Taylor said...

So I just got done CACKLING for a good 5. And I just read it aloud from my Itouch to my sister, who is sitting in her hospital bed where she has stiches from her appendix. She was laughing so hard she said her stiches busted. Thanks for the good laugh. I couldn't agree more.

brady lady said...

never read the book, probably will never see the movie, no disappointments here.

Amy said...

I totally agree about Edward's accent His British to American did not translate properly. But I loved the movie just the same.

sarahjane said...

I'm going this weekend but thus far have been disappointed by the previews alone. Up in the tree tops? Gross.

kayleen said...

so gross.

cheerleader said...

I think seeing it at midnight on opening night made me enjoy it more. My favorite scene was when Edward "smells" Bella for the first time. He looked like he was smelling dog poop. I thought he was supposed to LOVE the smell of her. Not want to vomit because of it. I did give it two thumbs up because I had a fun time.
p.s. I hated Edwards hair.

diana rose said...

this is why we should've gone together. the whole time i was watching it i was thinking of how hard you would've been laughing right next to me. next weekend, right? i'm totally game to see all the awkwardness all over again.

did you think that rosalie looked like one of the wayan's brothers in white chicks? oh, and every time billy got wheeled in on his wheelchair, i busted up laughing, picturing sarah in a wheelchair with her massive headdress.

sarah said...

edwards skin... ugh. i remember the book calling it porcelain smooth a lot, but i never read anything about cakey white with bright red lipstick... ugh. so distracting.

and wasn't bella supposed to be chubby? i read her as awkward and chubby and edward as smooth as buttah. movie edward - not smooth. at all. movie bella - too frickin skinny with lust-worthy hair. but her chin quiver should earn her some kind of mtv movie award.

(popped its top. ew.)

angela hardison said...

I saw it yesterday, and I kind of loved it (which surprised me). But yeah, "secondhand embarrassment radar on full alert" is a good way to describe 40% of it.

The best part of the movie was this guy sitting in front of me who would laugh out loud so hard every time there was a super lame scene - the treetops, baseball game, etc.

TwDen said...

I haven't seen it, nor have I read the books.. but I did hear something really funny the other day.

The actors that played Edward and Bella signed onto the movie generally unaware of the hype that would be surrounding its release. And once they realized how many 13 yr old girls were crying tears of joy about the film, they were like.. "uhhhh.. hm." From what it sounded like, their "FIRSThand embarrassment meter" was - as Spencer so eloquently put it - popping its top.

Kaylani said...

Kayleen, thanks for mentioning the glowing skin part! That totally bugged me because he looked like his face was covered in white peach fuz and it looked totally bloated. I also hated the part where he was sucking her blood. I did love the rest though...mostly.

kayleen said...

kon...i closed my eyes and plugged my ears when he started sucking her blood. i knew my acute uncomfortable senses would never be able to handle that.