photos on film hold an incredible amount of weight

as a child i never once dreamed about my wedding day. and i didn't really give it much thought as i got older. i guess it just never really mattered much to me.

so when the time came that i would be married, i had little to no opinion of the actual event. (that's what sisters are for.)

needless to say, i don't really remember much of that day. i'm not exactly sure what was said in the sealing room. i have no idea who came through our reception line. but i do remember watching spencer walk up the west entrance of the temple as i trailed behind from the north. he waited on the stairs for me to catch up and we went in together. that moment is what i remember. and that moment is as significant a moment as any.

now it's six years later.

december. 2003.
dec 2003
(contrary to what the evidence may show, we were not on our way to the sadie hawkins dance.)

with every year together we both get a little older, little wiser, littler fatter (perfect). and while six years may not feel as important as ten. or as momentous as twenty-five or fifty. it's still a whole six years, which is something.

our life together is not always picture-perfect, but it's like he always says: we have an easy life. a perfectly imperfect, easy, happy life. and whenever i find myself caught up by all of the insignificance along the way, i can still find him stopped up ahead waiting for me to catch up. simply because he understands the importance of us going in together.

i think that was what i dreamed about as a child.

(happy anniversary.)


Zach and Whitney said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. When I was little I dreamed about my wedding day, but when the time came I didnt really care what happened. Jami pretty much picked out my colors and went and help me pick out flowers. And that day is pretty much a blur to me too.

Cicily said...

That's a really sweet post.

sarahjane said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations.

Jen said...

What a sweet post.
Happy Anniversary!

P.S. i remember way back when we were actually in a class together a couple times at the Y.
See ya there!

chelsea :: stock said...

wow that made me teary... stupid hormones.

happy anniversary you two. some people... just get it right. you two did.

jaime said...

wow. tender.

i love it.

happy anniversay.

p.s. i'm coming home next week. let's hang. twilight?

Blake said...

happy anniversary! You guys are the hardest.


brady lady said...

happy anniversary 6 years is a long time, way to go guys!

sarah said...

you might just be one of my favorite couples. my next marriage is totally going to patterned after yours. (does that make you so uncomfortable? good.)

happy anniversary.

(love^3 your new banner. i've been meaning to tell you that.)

Camille said...

Sappiest post you ever wrote. It's high time.

Katie Taylor said...

im such a lush, im teary. happy 6!

cheerleader said...

Wow you looked young. It's amazing how a couple of kids can make you feel old...Forget the 6 years of marriage. But congrats on 6 years. I really didn't think you'd make it that long. J/K!

diana rose said...

i cried after reading this.

i cried at your wedding, too.

what's new, right?

love you guys... happy sixth.

angela hardison said...

happy anniversary!

MaMaMaMandy said...

That is tender Kays...now, who did you pay to write it for you? This is not the sarcastic woman I know and love... regardless, Happy (late) Anniversary.

kayleen said...

i'm growing soft in my old age. (both physically and emotionally.)