sunshine on our face and in our hair

today, amongst other things, i'm thankful for family. not just my family, but the idea of family.

the chance to be "...intimately acquainted with people who you might never have introduced yourself to, had life not done it for you."

the intention of people surrounding themselves with others who may not have the same beliefs and ideas in common, but with complete strangers who have only the best interest of each other in common...we may not share all of the same opinions or even get along very well with each other, but i want only the best for you. because you're forever a part of me, as i am you. brilliant.

i want to surround myself with that.

mr. muscles

sun in your hair

kiss the sun

happy thanksgiving

(oh. and i'm also thankful for arrested development's day long marathon on gaming tv. way to be G4tv. way to be.)


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

From the Grid and Beyond (Emily) said...

Seriously. We Tivo'd the entire marathon. And also, your family should just be in a magazine. Happy Thanksgiving: )

katelines photography. said...

lovely words and pictures.

(almost as good as the marathon, i vowed to do nothing but watch tobias alllllll day)

TwDen said...

nothing to re-enforce your belief in the idea of family like a big dose of the Bluths.

angela hardison said...

Once again, your family is darling.

And I missed the marathon of Arrested Development, but it's okay because I have all of the seasons on DVD (and maybe I've watched them multiple times... it's that good).

jaime said...

a) how cute are you in that pic?
your shirt is fab.

b) i am thankful for beards.

c) the pictures were great, but those words...ohhhhh my. beautiful.

diana rose said...

love the family quotes.

and beautiful family pics... never mind you taking pics of us, just photoshop our heads onto yours and call it a day.

sarah said...

i remember talking w/you about the concept of family that you gleaned from that one book, maybe "the red tent?" (still haven't read it.) but i have to say that it might have just changed my whole perspective on family. living far away for so long changes the dynamic of interaction. and to be brought back into that environment, oh so intimately, i'm glad to have had that convo, and to have read this.

i'm thankful we're friends.