my xmas gift to you

spencer has asked me in advance this year to please not be a scrooge.

what? me? (he must be crazy)

i guess my intolerance to christmas lights being put up pre-thanksgiving and over-the-top adorning with decorations has really gotten to him over the years. i really thought he was growing to love my snide, yet witty little remarks, but apparently not.

so as my christmas gift to everyone this year, there will be a conscious effort made to refrain from making gagging sounds at all of those blown up snow globes and santas on sleighs or the life-size cardboard carolers taking root in front lawns everywhere. i'll stop rolling my eyes at all of the over-indulgence of material gifts we give our children. i'll go to see the temple lights willingly out of mere tradition and try my hardest to be involved in tacky enrichment day crafting. (which our ward actually isn't having. holler.) i'll stop making fun of the way you do christmas.
but only as long as you promise to not make fun of our sad little charlie brown tree and the bright blue hanukkah lights lining the edge of our roof. because evidently a stream of solid blue lights is not only a fashion statement but also a small symbol of the festival of lights?...huh. we're down with that, i guess.

so here's to a whole month filled with family, food, and personal reflections on Christ or your eight days of lights. merry christmas and happy hanukkah. i hope it's a good one for everyone.


chelsea :: stock said...

wait wait wait.

all these years you have only tolerated our temple christmas light family tradition? you have been secretly mocking my eagerness to get the decorations up as soon as the thanksgiving dishes were done? you don't like the larger than life christmas decorations that we walk to see on christmas eve? oh kayleen. I thought I knew you. I thought I knew you.

and for the record I like your christmas decor. blue is traditional as well as honnukahnesque.

it's a good thing you weren't here to see me put up me decorations almost a full week before thanksgiving. oops.

angela hardison said...

we'll probably have a sad little charlie brown tree this year too... but I think it's better that way.

that little santa ornament is funny. i tried to take a picture of an ornament early this morning (it was amazing) and i dropped it. shattered everywhere. christmas is ruined.

sarah said...

i knew this was coming. i knew you'd cave on the christmas decor when i saw your halloween post. it's not so bad, kays. you'll survive, and maybe even like it. but if you start decorating for st. patrick or secretary day's, i'm pulling the plug on your holiday cheer. just so you know.

jaime said...

this is fantastic. a fabulous gift.

because as i was setting up my christmas village in my house yesterday, i thought to myself, "kayleen would probably throw up in her mouth if she saw this..."

Aaron and Chels said...

you were totally holding back a gag while I was decorating at work weren't you? I knew it.

kayleen said...

oh guys, please. i like christmas and it's decor. i just have a hard time stomaching some of the over-the-top stuff. can you blame me?

diana rose said...

so you won't laugh the next time you come over and see the giant blow-up snowman inside our house?

diana rose said...

or the life-size carolers in our yard carefully painted to depict our family?

diana rose said...

or the mr. and mrs. claus outfits bryce and i wear to bed every night...

my bad.