i'm having a YA love affair with the future

ever since i fell in love with The Road last year i've been getting my post-apocalyptic narrative fix in any way i can.

these are the YA books i've read as of late that are actually worth mentioning. (adult books scare me.)
Genesis by bernard beckett: it's a tad sci-fi, so if you're into that...which i kinda am.

Unwind by neal shusterman: fast-paced and semi-thought provoking.

The Hunger Games by suzanne collins: so good. i read this back in november and immediately made a mental countdown chain until the release of book 2 this fall. pre-order off amazon: check.

now that my classes are finally nearing an end for the semester, i've dusted off my library card and put in my max of 5 holds at the front desk. next on my YA future fix: The Forest of Hands and Teeth by carrie ryan. i've read mixed reviews on it, but the nasty 1 star rating, of a very obviously disappointed adolescent, referring to the book as "...a subtle mix of the movie the village and 28 days later" is really what sealed the deal for me. a safe wall guarding all of the inhabitants inside from a mass plague of flesh eating zombies? yes, please.

happy summer reading.


afton said...

ever read ender's game? check it.

sarahjane said...

Oh, man. I love Hunger Games and am also patiently waiting for book two! You might like the YA book Graceling. It's also pretty sci-fi but entertaining enough, for sure.

Spencer said...

nerd alert.

kayleen said...

don't feel bad just because you have a hard time with "big words", spencer. you and owen can learn together.

brady lady said...

when do you have time to read?

lins said...

Congrats on the girl. Happy sewing for that one. Kim loved the "Hunger Games," I've been meaning to check it out. Totally a recommendation from S. Meyer, am I right? Jared's most favorite book ever is "All the Pretty Horses," from the same author of "The Road." He's #1 king of run-on sentences but I'm excited to dive in. Lins

kayleen said...

lins...not gonna lie, it took me a while to figure out who you were. you're all incognito with just the "lins".

all the pretty horses is on hold for me at the library as we speak. i kinda feel like i'm bound to be disappointed with it, though. (jared reads?)

MaMaMaMandy said...

I am so glad you got me The Road since it was one we were reading for book club...it was the first book I had actually completed before book club in a year and a half. That was really nice...plus an amazing book!

I am currently reading the Hunger Games and am SO phased. I will be finishing this book in the next day or two...but I LOVE it so far!

I will read Genesis next- thanks for the good suggestions Kays!