hypocrisy; thy name is Mother

on becoming a mother i've said a lot of things i would never do or allow. and unfortunately for me, i said it loud enough for everyone to hear.

not only do my boys wear tank tops and sports jerseys, but i actually think it's so funny when they do. barefoot around town, big deal. letting them sip off my 44 oz mountain dew, so sue me. feeding them cold pizza for breakfast, there's worse things in the world.

let's just say that i've become accustom to letting go of ideals.

but a tv and video game system in their bedroom? well, i would never. (i mean i might.)
hypocrisy; thy name is Mother
after a series of "unfortunate events" at other people's homes, i soon realized that we were turning our son into the neighborhood boy who was never allowed sugar -- so they inevitably end up at your house eating all of your trix. you know the one.

on a selfish note, i can't even begin to tell you how nice it's been for those late afternoons when all i want to do is lay down on the couch and read a book. (no, i'm just kidding. i mean watch oprah.)


Jen said...

I am one of those Mom's as well & I know I'm only going to get worse.

diana said...

haha... at least you're keeping it real with an old school gaming system. if owen ever needs a new game to borrow, ava (i mean bryce) has some super nes games to loan out.... for a fee of course. we've gotta pay the bills, you know.

RachelDenbow said...

Ha! We're on our way! That NES is bringing back the memories. I was 13 when I got mine. Hell yeah!

jaime said...

don't call yourself a hypocrite kays, just learn how to justify things.

here's how i do it: "wow. check the indiana jones game. that's a really good way to learn problem solving skills, teamwork, AND following directions."

see? problem solved.

brady lady said...

i see nothing wrong with that, well i do but i can not say fearing i too maybe a hypocrite one day!

balls and bounce house best investment ever, you might want to consider picking up 200+ balls for the shear joy of it all.

chelsea :: stock said...

just wait until he figures out how to get it all started up himself and is playing video games at 2:30 in the morning...

man that is a cute face. I have aunt-ish desires to kiss him all over those cheeks. so sue me.

and hypocrisy? I always used to turn my nose up at mothers who let their kids wear character everything... but if getting her dressed in the morning can be cut in half by letting her wear her cinderella shirt AND her sleeping beauty socks... well I am going to take it.

brady lady said...

oh and it's really more like 700 plastic balls (just in case you were wondering)

sarah said...

my mom took miles to the store in his lightning mcqueen slippers, no-show socks and size 18 month (and consequently a belly shirt) diego pajama's top.


i've had to let go.

i gave him carbonation once and it stung his nose so much that he wants nothing to do with my dr. pepper anymore. which is good because i don't like to share.