toons. snack. juice. sleep. dog dog.

toons. snack. juice. sleep. dog dog.

we celebrated easter with a split chin* for owen and a giant goose egg for elliot.

when asked what had happened owen replied, "i was just trying to climb to the top of baby's head."

yeah. that would probably do it.

standing in the tub covered in blood, he requested in between sobs that he not have to go to his sunbeams class. his timing was impeccable, so we didn't go.

(and after telling us only a few short weeks ago how excited he was to go to church because he gets to sleep on the benches.)

i have to hand it to him, the kid has got a lot figured out for only 3 1/2 years of life: timing is everything and if at all possible, sleep through church.

*save a trip to the ER for stitches and use super glue. works like a charm.


brady lady said...

thanks for your advice or lack of advice kayleen! you suck, still working at the potty thing, getting better though.

i'm with owen, sleeping on benches is the greatest, wish i was a kid again. i don't think it would be too appropriate for an adult to be curled up on the bench sleeping sacrement away.

diana said...

that kid is too smart for his own good. he kills me.

ash said...

mmmm..i've heard of that but wasnt' too sure about it. really? super glue? now this i gotta see. poor kiddo...hope he gets some pain meds.

chelsea :: stock said...

owen. l'ellie.

I miss those boys so much.

is that owen in the picture? because he is all arms and legs there...

sarah said...

if i split my chin open, you'd bet your pants i'd be staying home from church. smart boy. (but isn't sunbeams supposed to be fun?)

awesome picture.

Anonymous said...

Yuck, poor owen. Snap, I better work on my subbeam lessons... - Nikki

kayleen said...

oh nikki, owen loves his SB class. that and preschool are the highlights of his week.

chels...not owen in pic. (are you kidding me?)