CATS! gone wild

we dressed up in our finest and headed to gammage last night to enjoy a purring redition of CATS! meeeoooow.
out on the town
picture by owen.
from what i could tell, it was a solid story line of introducing about 50 different cats by way of song. cat after cat after cat. after cat. and then a grand finale of lyrical instruction on the proper etiquette on how to address a cat, should you happen to meet one on the street. -- well didn't i feel like the fool. here i am with no idea that we should be addressing cats at all. how embarrassing.

there was a lot of cat kicking crotch shots, steam rollers and cartwheels happening on stage throughout the whole night. all without one of those cats missing a single techno-inspired beat. i tell you, those jellicle cats are crazy.

my sister lovingly gifted us with the tickets to see it. it was really, really thoughtful of her. and by thoughtful...i mean she has absolutely no idea who we are. CATS!? really? (i thought we were better friends than that.)

i think the 9 year old girl in front of me on the way out of the theater said it best..."i just thought it was gonna be more of a love story or something." oh sweetie. if you had prepped yourself with youtube clips and comedic reviews like i had you would of been a bit more prepared for the disappointment. next time.


Jen said...

Hey, Feel lucky that you even got your man to go w/ you:) I think i would of had to drag Scott:)

P.S. That Owen is quit the photographer!

pete said...

The horror.

brady lady said...

ummm, what were you thinking? seriously, cats?? who are you?

diana said...

i forgot that was last night.

i would've totally dragged out a more detailed account of the night from you.

i should've bought tickets and sat right next to you just to watch yours and spencer's expressions. now that would've been a good show.

ash said...

...well...think of it this way...at least you got to go somewhere and be with eachother(alone, no kids) to soak in the experience...even if it was lame...gave ya something to talk about later in the future. AND it was Free! except the gas to get there...

katelines photography. said...

cats?! how, exciting.