DIY party favors

dear emalines,

happy first birthday. your party was fantastic. we especially loved the DIY party favors.

we already rocked ours out:
a DIY party favor
to be honest, our mom was a little ticked at first to be bringing home a "chore" from a kid's birthday party, but we made her do it with us as soon as we got home anyway. and now she's glad she did, because overall it was a real good time...mostly for us. but still a little for her.
red white yellow green and blue
building one still isn't as fun as flying one
o & e


chelsea :: stock said...

I say it every time. I miss 'em so much it hurts. these posts make my eyes sting. baby l'elly is a baby no more.

and I also say every time... so handsome, my nephews.

oh and p.s. ... your photog skills leave me jealous beyond words. the lighting is superb.

Joanna Goddard said...

so cute!!!

diana said...

dear o & e,

we love you. you are our best friends. thank you for coming to em's birthday party. it wouldn't have been the same without the both of you... and your mom and dad. glad you all had fun with the project (chore turned fun).

a and em

p.s. sprinklers. our house. this week.

sarahjane said...

After you've read my latest blog post we can sing "This Magic Moment" together in honor of those lovely little moments with our kids.

sarah said...

i like o's blue war-paint slash on his belly. very native american of him.

Jen said...

You have inspired me:)