we've been nesting.
i've been nesting

i've officially hit my third trimester stride and what i've been able to accomplish in these last few days is nothing short of amazing...or a miracle. either way i'm feeling unstoppable. (this must be how all of those marathon-running super-moms feel in their normal non-pregnant lives. hmm. must be nice.)

i've headed 2 trips to purgatory, i mean ikea, a few home depot stops, about a dozen visits to target, ingested a decent amount of fetus friendly caffeine (my doctor says so), and our little thousand square foot home is functioning at the top of it's game and fully baby ready. along with a little something pretty...
baby girl room
because instilling an early appreciation for the art of embroidery in all of my children is of the utmost priority.

after this week i'm sort of feeling semi-ready for the new addition our home's anticipating. now we just need to finally decide on her name. which after spinning this song, if baby girl turned out to be baby boy, i'm fairly certain he'd be baby james. weird how a song can entirely change your opinion of a name with only a few listens.

the name we have been throwing around for her is jonah. jonah mae. or as owen would say, "the mad guy who lives in the fish." -- i'm not really one to keep the possible names of our unborn a secret (surprised? don't be.), i'd rather everyone around us have time to get used to the name before it's actually official. that way the aghast reactions sting a lot less.


diana said...

invite me over, i want to see what you've done to the place.

kayleen said...

i'd rather just show you pictures of the put together corners. to see it in it's entire would ruin the whole effect.

sarah said...

in 2-ish weeks i'll be in az.

i tell you this because this post made me miss hanging at your house terribly.

jonah mae is awesome. wasn't lell's supposed to be something biblical too? i was just hoping that lamentations wasn't on the docket for numero 3.

angela hardison said...

no way. i'm dying. i think i should scan our list of names we have written down for future children (you know, for whenever we decide to go that direction) and send it over to you so you know that i'm not trying to copy everything you do.

jonah is #1. also on the list: elliott and owen.

(okay, so jonah is on our boy names list. but i LOVE it for a girl.)

you're beating me at life. clint is going to be mad.

brady lady said...

like the name (i wouldn't name my daughter that, but it's definitely a good fit for the reed family). lock it in.

Kristy said...

Love the name, I'm sure it won't sting any worse than when we named our girl "Mason".

Did you do the embroidery or find it somewhere?

sarahjane said...

That's a sweet little name. Third trimester already? That seems soon. Now I'm feeling left behind in the neverending second trimester. Months and months to go.

my name is elly said...

jonah is an awesome story according to tova, and jonah is an awesome name according to me.

my sister jenah's doctor thought that a heartbeat was enough to tell your baby's sex and she had the heartbeat of a boy. my parents were set on the name jonah, but when she came out missing some important boy parts, they just changed the o to an e. still, everyone got confused and called her jonah anyway. but jenah/jonah -- both awesome names that i don't think you can go wrong with.

chelsea :: stock said...

not fair.

there is a spot above my changing table that has been mocking me for want of art. how did it end up at your house?

and you already know that I love jonah mae. rilla and jonah can be bcf's... (best cuz's foreva) come on that's awesome.

ash said...

hmmm...i like it...kinda reminds me of a spin off of Joan. and in all honesty, Jonah sounds more like a girls name than i guys name. I would know, I called my little girl Emmery, which apparently is known as a black male name back in the day. is iit possible for you to post a side picture of yourself? just so we can all hate you. :0)

kayleen said...

the beautiful embroidery art was definitely not done by me. as much as i appreciate it, i don't have the patience for it.

MaMaMaMandy said...

I love the art- just have fun with it once she starts flailing her legs into the air when you're changing her and knocks it on her head- I'm still waiting for Jovie to do that... but regardless it is so phasing looking.

Jonah is a darling name...keep the indie all in the family.

PS- I'd love to help you assemble your crib!! Call me and I'll be over in a heartbeat!