the best maternity tee:
best maternity tee
men's mossimo athletic fit tee at target. i now have 5, including a contrasting striped one with spencer. (he loves that.)

and happy graduation:
happy graduation
...to mandy and everyone else with much more perseverance than myself.


Jen said...

Maybe I should try the mens shirt thing too:)
That way I don't feel so bad purchasing clothes for only myself- Scott & I can just share.

diana said...

love the wrap job. will you and spencer take couple pictures in the coordinating shirts, please?

sarah said...

i can't imagine my life without vnecks. they are just too good.

brady lady said...

anyone can graduate from college, i did, it's not as hard as you think (and i graduated with strait a's, not bragging just merely stating how easy it is)

kayleen said...

oh brady. you've remained the same since HS. and i appreciate that about you.

MaMaMaMandy said...

I too love the v necks...I discovered that I can only wear the American Apparel ones only when I'm prego- cuz otherwise it just shows the curves I don't want to be showin.

PS- Thanks SO much for the book and the cute wrap job! I can't wait to read it! You are so creative and I am always in awe with even the little things you do! Thanks for hanging at the party too...it was lots of fun- even though I didn't really get to hang much!

What are you doing Memorial Day? BBQ? Pool?