these are the kind of things that keep me up at night

when i was eight i had to have my right front tooth replaced due to a bicycle accident. -- no cool jumps or extreme sports here, my friend simply dropped a bicycle down on top of my head.

since then the only nightmares that wake me in an anxiety-ridden sweat are those involving me losing the veneer they replaced my tooth with. so when i heard the oh-so-familiar crunch while opening up an orange otter pop at swim lessons, i panicked.
it's like living a real life nightmare
it serves me right for starting to feel like i had somewhat of a hold on my current life. i should know better than to ever think that everything's under control.

now the real dilemma is do i go on to teach my RS lesson this sunday, or do i call in sick due to sheer vanity? maybe i could wear a surgical mask and blame it on fear of the swine flu epidemic... that'd be only slightly less embarrassing.

the only silver linging of the day is that my hair is finally long enough to fit in a ponytail again. hoo-freakin-ray.


Jen said...

My sis had a missing tooth and it took months to get it pulled and fixed. She was always so paranoid about it. But now that it's fixed we can just laugh.

brady lady said...

you look like a hill billy, i say call in sick, you shouldn't go anywhere with that smile

chelsea :: stock said...

dude.... otter pops... only supposed to bring joy, not pain.

I have to say, if you are brave enough to post a close up photo of that smile, maybe you should just rock it on sunday too. just make it an object lesson.

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

that's awesome! you look so much like your niece daisy(i think is her name) in the first picture!

k, sorry about the confusion with the sale. the post explaining the rules somehow got shoved to the bottom. all you have to do is first claim your item, which you have done. next, you just have to check back on that item to make sure no one has outbid you. some items people just claim and buy. other items turn into an auction. whoever is willing to pay the most wins the prize. the sale ends at 4pm today, so i would check back right before to see if anyone has upped the price.

angela hardison said...

Too bad you got the tooth fixed already; I thought it was pretty charming.

I've had my fair share of teeth problems. And I continually have dreams about my teeth falling out (that's a bad sign isn't it...)

diana said...



right before bed last night, the image of your tooth flashed in my mind. i started laughing and i realized how awesome you are for owning it. i would've hid out until i got it fixed, but there you are, inviting us out to eat, in all your toothless glory.... and that, my friend, is one of my favorite things about you. well, that and your john adams ponytail.

sarah said...

if i would've know you had a falsey i would've berated you a long time ago for the way you opened otter pops. or bought you a pair of scissors.

btw - you commenting about just barely being able to get your hair in a ponytail has curbed my desire to wack my hair off again. i swear. i can't grow this shiz out for the life of me.

kayleen said...

oh diana...if you can still look at me and hold a conversation when i'm partially toothless (s thinks about 75% of it is still there. i say more like 50%.) and ripping john adams of his infamous do, then i know we'll be friends forever.

sar...i broke down and made a hair appt for friday. maybe i'll forgo the short do and just get bangs, but this pregnant chick needs a change.

Joanna Goddard said...

i LOVE your teeth. you're similar to lauren hutton! :)