the stars aligned this mother's day:

slept in until 8. (i know!)

was greeted with a bouquet of flowers and breakfast on the kitchen table.

slipped comfortably into my skinniest skinny dress and wore a flattering hairstyle not resembling a mid-80's mullet.

elliot changed all of his own diapers, owen went all day without yelling at me once.

spencer didn't have to be gone at church all day and i wasn't announced from the pulpit of my ward of 5 years as "kathleen reed".

it was perfect.
happy mother's day. 2009.
then i woke up.

...at 6 am by a 3 yr old elbow to the back, nauseous with an uncomfortably full bladder and slowly realized that it was just another day.

but this isn't me complaining.

it was a beautiful mother's day. a beautiful church service. and i have 3 of the most beautifully thoughtful boys in my life. (thank you for the homemade card and back rub.)

happy mother's day.


Jen said...

Happy Mothers Day! I love the pics w/ the boys:)

chelsea :: stock said...

look pregnant already. and please tell me they didn't actually call you kathleen...

oh, and if you can keep elliot from looking quite so grown up, I would quite appreciate it.

I spent mother's day at church getting those looks you get when you are 39 weeks pregnant and still go out in public. you know the ones... pain mixed with pity mixed with something that can only be described as panic that it might be catching.

happy mother's day kathsleen. thanks for mothering my nephy's and soon to be neicey.

diana said...


you kill me.


ME said...

hah i was eatin that up, thinking wow how can a kid change his own diapers. weird. you funny

Cicily said...

How the crap do you still look that cute when you are pregnant? My husbands cousin had to change his own diaper after 3 years old, his mom was hardcore. It could happen.

brady lady said...

if only dreams came true!