my life's best moments have all taken place at small town parades

i remember the white mountains. i remember camping with family and fishing with with cousins. wearing only swimsuits with creek soaked tennis shoes, bare feet on gravel. i remember my father's lap, their father's hands laying down dominoes. patsy cline. grandma's garden, the smell of packed dirt. i remember walking to church on sundays. rope swings on saturdays. blonde-haired ponytails, freckled faces, scraped knees, cap gun wars, battleship in family campers and hoodies in july.

i remember small town parades.

the thrills -- the midnight choir

Picnik collage




Picnik collage



kate lines said...

that's my kind of place.

(we had 'creek underwear'. landon thinks it's the funniest thing ever, i think it's practical.)

kate lines said...

oh, are your shoes where i think there from? if so, i have them. if not, i totally don't.

kayleen said...

walmart. $10. (i copied a friend) love 'em. want 'em in every color.

chelsea :: stock said...

kayleen...do I see your boys wearing a.) matching tees and b.) blue and white for the 4th?? yah old softy.

and that second picture? okay what's the gag. I am not convinced you are pregnant. that friends-touching-belly pic must have been fake.

diana said...

i love to relive my childhood through my children... one of life's greatest gifts.

angela hardison said...

This post sorta makes me miss my small-town days. Great photos, as usual.

The earlier limn gets the worm said...

you guys are like straight out of a hollister catalog! small town paradas are the tops!! i love them so much i "should of put a ring on it"!!

brady lady said...

beautiful pic's

sarah said...

this kinda made me feel guilty for talking everyone out of going to the show low parade this year. we would've just had to get up too early - and for 4-wheelers, lame candy, and people throwing water balloons off the "floats" at ME? no thanks.

but if that parade looked like the one in your pictures, sign me up every year. or maybe i need to change my perspective.

that being said, i love this entry. i love nostalgia. like gross-gushy-love it.

kayleen said...

it's really out of character for me, but i love myself a good parade. love having candy thrown at my feet, the marching bands, the old vets in uniform waving from the bed of a truck and the clown riding mini-bikes. love it.