this is spencer

happy 29th bday
he's had a birthday (shout hooray).

he spent his 29th birthday afternoon atop a 120 degree roof. good times. came home and ate his annual homemade birthday beef stew -- that i'll admit for a july birthday in arizona is a little weird. he received some new music, unwrapped with pricetag still attached. which is the same gift he recieved for father's day, christmas, and for his birthday last year. because i'm nothing, if not predictable. (and because gift giving isn't really of great importance around here.)

i've known spencer a little over 7 years now. we were introduced via a friend of his who thought we'd be perfect for each other. that statement is currently still up for debate, but perfect is boring anyway. we continue to argue to this day about "who liked who first". and it wasn't me, i never put myself out there -- my momma taught me better than that.

spencer had long hair for a while that he'd occasionally wear in a ponytail just to "get it off his neck every now and then", which to this day still makes me laugh. early on when asked if he thought i was funny, he replied that his wife doesn't need to be funny. -- that moment still makes me laugh too. spencer is my best friend, as cliche and cheesy as that sounds. he'll sit and analyze the choreography on SYTYCD with me, watch foreign films, laugh at inappropriate jokes, elbow me in the ribs when he knows i'm embarrassed for someone, and never allowed himself to get caught up in the over-sized necktie knot craze. -- which i can appreciate about him.

happy birthday. (the 30's are right around the corner, brother.)


diana said...

the above picture should be entitled, "night out on the town."

happy birthday spencer, i can't wait to give you the oil-painting of kayleen's face that i've been working on.

angela hardison said...

don't know him very well, but he seems pretty awesome.

happy birthday spencer.

chelsea :: stock said...

happy birthday brother.

and kayleen. you are hilarious. yeup, I am just gonna out and say it and give you a direct compliment. you feel awkward yet?

and another thing... I am sure glad you married my brother. that should count for his birthday present for the rest of his life.

brady lady said...

happy b-day spence

i remember the ponytail, kind of miss the ponytail (odd right?)

i remember when you started dating spence and yes you too were perfect for each other. love you both.

sarah said...

i think i've inappropriately told you how much i like the two of you as a couple before. but if not, there it is.

happy birthday, spencer. sorry this is so belated. i'm way behind on my blog reading.