halloween 2009

big green dino. roar.
big green dino

chicken little. or chicken head.
chicken little

baby in a sling. i'm already anticipating all of the guilty feelings when she's older and looks back on her childhood photos, only to find that her mother didn't dress her in costume on her first halloween. my bad.
baby in a sling

shirtless, wearing masks, and passing out candy to possible gang members, whom i would assume are well over the ethical trick-or-treating age of 13. (stereotyping? probably.)
passing out candy, shirtless, wearing masks

and frank reynolds?
i'm working this hoodie into every halloween

i try. i'm just too last minute and my execution is always poor.
spencer was my dyslexic best friend and roommate.
(there are leggings under those long johns. i swear.)


ames said...

leggings are for suckers, kayleen. are you wearing the same hoodie as your uni-bomber costume? you make a great 4'9" bar owner, but nothing beats the uni-bomber with steve jobs on your arm. why do i love that so much? well played, k

Jen said...

You are adorable! Love ALL the costumes.

diana said...

love the costumes.

i only wish we could've found you a bald cap.

chelsea :: stock said...

chicken head? love it.

and I didn't dress petra up for her first halloween either. she was three weeks old.

is that big dino costume one of ours? if not, karl had one so very similar.

and that glider... walmart? we have the same one.

kayleen said...

the dino is the same one karl wore. and glider -- kmart.

brady lady said...

too funny, the boys at the door, sweet!

sarah said...

kinda not about this post, but i really like the wreath you have on your door. i meant to tell you when i was there, but forgot.

your kids have the best funny faces. and the whole in the long johns still makes me lol.