don't look up - the sky is falling

crystal pier 2009
crystal pier 2009
i spent last week at my favorite place, with all of my favorite people.
every morning we took our own sweet time waking up, ate a kono's big (carb heaven) breakfast #2, strolled to the end of the pier in hoodies, then stripped down to swimsuits at low tide to look for seashells on an empty beach.
owen was brave this year and got in all the way up to his waist.
elliot didn't touch the water until the last day.
jonah slept. the entire trip there and the entire trip back. -- would i jinx myself if i said out loud that she's easily the best baby in the world?
we had only a handful of meltdowns and two bed wetting incidents the whole time. victory.
i would have stayed another week if i could.
crystal pier 2009
under the boardwalk
crystal pier 2009
crystal pier 2009
crystal pier 2009
low tide at sunset
the sky is falling

i've already made a mental countdown chain to next fall.


diana said...

i love a good family vacation... looks like a great time.

p.s. love the zipped up kayleen look. so hot.

sarah said...

that looks perfect. absolutely perfect.

ames said...

Owen is hardcore. waist deep in November pacific ocean water is the equivalent to getting a bag of ice thrown at your nether regions.

brady lady said...


russell & joanna said...

Absolutely beautiful photos - what talent...

Looks like a wonderful trip.

chelsea :: stock said...

I'm gonna pretend you just forgot to mention the part where you missed us terribly.

looks like a lovely family vacation. I am glad you guys got to go after all. the photo of the boys on the couch? I can feel the pseudo-denim, smell the sea-air and hear the faint crashing of waves. this is truly my happy place. (really, when I was in labor I kept picturing sitting on the pier)

l'elly looks so peaceful without petra yelling at him...