go big or go home*

hungry  hippos

owen has turned 4.
hungry hungry hippos wrapped in in last year's christmas paper with a mountain of glazed donuts? you betcha.
happy birthday, owen. the prime of life is now, enjoy it while it lasts.

*in reference to his new do. it's 2 parts euro trash, 1 part military, and all parts totally rad.


diana said...

if i had a boy, he would totally be sporting a eurotrash do. owen wears it well.

ava can't wait to come play hippos.

sarah said...

best game ever. it's one of the two games i've ever excelled at.

happy birthday o's.

brady lady said...

happy birthday owen! alexis's birthday was yesterday too, although i probably won't post pictures as quick as you; it may take me 2 months before i post something again, seeing as i just posted pic's from alyssa's birthday and that was nearly 6 months ago.

sarahjane said...

Are you telling me you got off with one gift and a pile of gas station donuts? Man. Last year Cash's "cake" was a package of pre-made cookies. I'm not doing much better, I guess.

chelsea :: stock said...

happy birthday owen. I love you boy. and your haircut.

Whitney said...

I love that game!! I think You just gave me a hint on what I need to get my nephew for christmas!