falalalala lalala la

brothers on a hotel bed (my bed)
the threat of santa claus not visiting our home christmas eve has lost its tenor. so i thought it time to explain the real significance behind the holiday, to which owen replied that he didn't want to go to Jesus' birthday party.
(i find that hard to believe knowing how much he loves cake.)

christmas '09 has felt different from past seasons, and at the risk of speaking too prematurely, it will probably be one of my most memorable.

thanks to black friday, the boys will be receiving a trampoline -- complete with safety net. because apparently children now are made out of glass. -- that'll wrap up the beginning, middle, and end of our morning. elliot is a champ and his potty training did not ruin the holiday like i had initially convinced myself it would. this is the first year that spencer and i won't be exchanging gifts, which has made my month easy. really easy. and without burdening anyone with all of the sappy details, a small prayer was answered this year, quite literally and in a timely fashion, stabilizing a faith that's often prone to losing its footing.

merry, merry christmas. hug family and give thanks for the friends in your life.


Steph said...

Merry Christmas to your family. What a beautiful little post. May God continue to bless you and keep you and sustain your faith.

brady lady said...

exchanging gifts with the hubby is so over once you reach 5 years of marriage, right? we aren't doing this either, made christmas shopping so easy!

angela hardison said...

always glad to hear that prayers are answered. merry (late) christmas.

and to the above comment: should i be worried that clint and i didn't exchange gifts, and we've only been married for 3 years? oh well.

Jill said...

I freaking covet your camera.

Cicily said...

Please share with me your potty training wisdom.

kayleen said...

cicily, i'll email you about my experience w/ both boys. but i don't really think i do anything out of the ordinary.