december was

i uploaded over a thousand pictures in december.
spencer thinks i take an obnoxious amount of photos.
i think, why not? -- it's digital's biggest advantage over film.

our december was yellow leaves and radio flyers. backlight, bubbles, and north coast cousins.
foam swords, shields, christmas fail. jerome, families, friends, and upside down heads.

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ASHLEY said...

I apologize for the off-topic comment, but I couldn't find another way to contact you. AOL gave me an error message.

I recently found your blog through Elly Fales' blog and Flickr page. I love the "I'm a sailor" tee, and I'm wondering if you have any plans to reproduce them (I see that you're focusing more on children's clothing). If you reproduce the shirts in the future, I would love to purchase one (as would many other people, according to Flickr!) I love your designs.


kayleen said...

ashley -- sorry. i went a little m.i.a. with other online mediums. i won't be reproducing or selling those tees again. but please email me a contact and address for you at kayreed82@hotmail.com. -- i may have a couple of the originals left in adult sizes, i just need to check storage, and if i do i'd be more than happy to send one out to you.


Whitney said...

You take amazing photos. Simply amazing.

kate lines said...

i love every one.

Sarah Williams said...

ok I had to comment....RAGNAR? Your almost becoming one of the marathon running super moms you've made fun of. (or your realizing its a great escape from all the kids you have...either way- good job/luck)

brady lady said...

happy happy birthday kays (today)! i love you! and yes you take amazing photo's!