put your boots and courage on

day 6.

tired, sore, and chafing a little.
good company and a ridiculous amount of not-so-rolling hills.
204 miles (sort of). team of 12 girls, who are currently raising 42 kids in all. - i thought that math was insane.
and i might have teared up a little as i passed my final mile marker.
(you're right, it was probably just the chafing.)


diana said...

let's do lunch this week so i can hear all about it in person... and i want the full details, chafing included.

angela hardison said...

no wonder you looked so skinny. 17 miles? good job.

brady lady said...

thanks for inviting me in on the relay!

seriously though, i would love to do one sometime!

kate lines said...

that's so awesome. for real. (and angela is right, you did look so skinny.)

Jen said...

Awesome! My Bro & SIL ran this as well.
You guys Rock!
And yes, that math is ridiculous.

sarah said...

you're crazy. but i'm not one for big life achievements.

K.C. + Sherry Layton said...

did you run in kaylani's group? reguardless... way to go!

David said...

geez, you closet runner. i knew there was more than just skittles that was making you so thin... way to go, you're living my bucket list.

ME said...

hah the comment above was from me, not dave. he keeps sneakin onto my computer.