and another one gone

day 5.

owen brought home a pet fish from preschool. he named it snake. i like it. - the name. not the fish.

we're not pet people.
i'm sure that comes as a big surprise, since most people this warm and sensitive usually are. but we're not, and we really shouldn't be. - the running tally of pets winding up dead under mine or my family's care is somewhere in the high teens.
sad, i know.
the poor iguana even, that wasn't ours to begin with ended up dead on our watch. i'm pretty sure we're cursed.

we're betting on who kills snake first. my money's on elliot.


diana said...

pets are over-rated.

when the cat dies, and my kids start getting antsy for a pet, i might buy them a turtle.

that's about as petsy as we'll ever get again.

okay, maybe a dog when my kids are all in their teens.

diana said...

oh, and great, great pic.

lell's eyes look so sneaky.

spencer said...

fish is dead as of friday night. not sure, but first report is suicide.

kayleen said...

he was looking a little sad.

sarah said...

i had a fish commit suicide in (the first round of) college. and with my eye site being as crappy as it is, i almost stepped on the lifeless body. ugh. pets.

kayleen said...

i laughed for a full minute thinking about your fish jumping out of the bowl to its death. then i got a little weirded out that you had a pet fish in your twenties.

sarah said...

it was a roommate's. i didn't pick or endorse said fish.