carried to ohio in a storm of bees

day 21.

(the days all run together anyway.)

i signed into my email(s) for the first time in nearly a month. - i think that's what they would diagnose as avoidance. 
thank you. the kind words extended to our family have meant everything.
in similar context, "i'm sorry" has always felt a hollow thing to leave my lips. it's not. it's full. and it fills.
music fills. friends fill. family fills.
the narrow line etched gracefully between bliss and melancholy fills.
and now,
our hearts are full.

the national - bloodbuzz ohio


abby said...

your words always touch me.

kate lines said...

this is so beautiful. (which i realize is all i say on here as of late, but i mean it. i want to blog like you someday)