patience, little shadow

day 22

happy easter
for all intents and purposes the photo a day is still happening. just at a different pace.

i don't like to think i've failed. only that i've found a different way of doing it.
kind of like havasu's half marathon i ran(that's funny) yesterday.
the last mile and a half was insane. at one point i was literally sprawled out on my back on the side of the london bridge. - and i'm embarrassed to admit that the thought of clotheslining the 95 yr old grandma who passed me by just 300 yards from the finish line, with a "you can do it. just keep going!", crossed my mind.

i tried to wing it, like the rest of my life.
13.something miles: unwingable. noted.

what i heard as i lay across the sidewalk, looking up, unashamed by my present failure:
yeah yeah yeahs -- little shadow (acoustic)


angela hardison said...

i'm sure you did fine, and at least you finished. and at least you can run in the first place. i'd give anything to be able to run right now (this cast might make me lose my mind).

Kathryn said...

at least you are brave enough to wing it. Sometimes practicality has it's downfalls.

Can I steal Jonah and make her a triplet? Very cute.

diana said...

but that's one of my favorite things about you. your ability to see past all the obstacles and just wing it.

i absolutely love that picture of jonah. she looks like she smells freshly bathed and super soft. love her.