if i could dream up a dress, it'd look exactly like this

day 25

follow us. maybe?

select shop listing previews for the week every sat-mon. contact via shop(s) to reserve.
spread the love to all your vintage savvy friends for me, please, mom's gotta put some food on the table.


abby said...

oh my gosh, that dress is a dream.

ames said...

i shall spread the word. i don't understand how you have had this dress and i have not seen it on you. it is impeccable in every way.

angela hardison said...

i just sent an email, but i will spread the word. that dress is so happy. i mean, i'm happy when i look at that dress. wow.

Amy said...

Wow wow wow. I so agree.

diana said...

kayleen and the amazing technicolor dreamdress.

you know i'll be slutting your store on my blog, when i muster up the mental energy to do so.

kayleen said...

d, slutting? ...i just barely phrased it to sarah as whoring myself out.

i feel so cheap.