...mother Eve thought [knowledge was a fine thing]; but she smarted so severely for hers, that most of her daughters have been afraid of it since.

day 24

i've been listening to ted dekker's black, red, white trilogy while simultaneously skimming through eve and the choice made in eden, by beverly campbell. - i say skimming because reading anything other than a novel takes me months to get through. i prefer fiction. - since i'd never heard of dekker* before and was unaware of the trilogy's premise, the parallels between the two have been a pleasant surprise.

*please don't look him up. i just did and if i had earlier, i would have never picked up any of his work. he looks like a youth speaker about to jump off a stage, ready to pass out hi-fives up and down the aisles.
no thanks.


diana said...

i looked him up. based solely on your description of him. yup.

sarah said...

nice facial hair, ted. i've always thought i could never trust a man named ted, which you realize, dooms me to marry a man with that name.

i like that title quote. a lot.