giveaway - that means free

day 35

flour shop giveaway.
there will be 2 winners.

First: any single item out of the shop, $100 or less. 
for reals?
for reals.

Second: this little beauty, Samsonite train case in Amber Leather
if you don't already own a samsonite train case, you need to.
i use mine as a sewing/misc catch all box. it's perfect.

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only 2 steps to enter:
1. leave blog address in comment section of this post.
2. from your blog, link to flour shop either in sidebar or an individual post. - sidebar is a commitment, people. i understand.
use html codes below each picture link. just copy and paste:



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and that's it. simple.
the winners will be decided via random.org or blindfold and dart board, then announced on sunday night (but maybe monday morning. - deadlines. seriously.)
which means you have until sunday to enter.

the only stipulation is the first giveaway winner must choose the item they'd like to have by may 15th. - hardly a stipulation. i'll be listing over 20 new items in the shop before then. there will be plenty of fantastic dresses and home decor to choose from.
and of course shipping of both items won will be free of charge.
because that's how we do it here, friends.


Crystal said...

Oh my! I got my fingers crossed.


kate lines photography. said...

i should have waited until this week to delete my blog... does this one count?

kayleen said...

of course. why did you delete your blog? i haven't been on my reader in months, so i had no idea. sad.

Steph said...

Eek! I wanna win!


chelsea :: stock said...

it is sad. kate come back. even just for photos.

can family enter? I am going with yes.


and I am going to put up a post right now.

Jill said...

dude. show me the love.


Jill said...

I linkied you. And can I just say I'm drooling over the summer tree print tea dress? LOVE.

Jayson, Kim, and Lotta Carlson said...

oh my! I really want the samsonite train case. It is just like the one my mother has kept her makeup in for as long as I can remember. But I'm sure it would cost a TON to ship it here. Sad.

I love your shop and I love you.


Consider yourself posted my deary!

Cicily said...

Talk about weight loss motivation.


me said...


Robin said...

holy crap! I'm pretty sure I have never wanted to win a giveaway more.


plus you should pick me cause I could come pick it up and you could save yourself some shipping.

diana said...

i'm in.

if i win, i'll just thumb through your clothes in your closet.

or better yet, i'll just pick something that i want from your house. tell your kids to stop getting attached to the trampoline.

Em said...


Felicia said...

The lack of clothes in my closet pressured me into doing this...Let's see if peer pressure can save lives today (or Sunday).


Dari said...

I would love to win!! Here is the link to my blog posting.


Tara (MamaPosh) said...
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Kaylani said...

ooh ooh! i bet your crap is even lovely. i want to win!

Tara (MamaPosh) said...

Here's the link:

Artfulife said...

I'm loving that train case! What a super awesome giveaway.

fil said...


thanks for putting up this giveaway on your blog. i feel like i know you from reading your blog even though you're really just a friend of a friend. your taste is impeccable (like your humor) and i would be ecstatic to win!



Annelise H. Jensen said...


Whitney said...


sarah said...

i would enter, but i'm boycotting racist states.


that train case. ... did your heart skip a beat when you found it?

Tirsa Baker said...

Does it matter if our blog is private. Promise your link is on the sidebar :)


The Awesome Allens said...

Oooh! YAY!! It's http://www.dikkiallen.blogspot.com


everything is just adorable!



Elissa said...

oh, the train case is incredible and some fab dresses! please count me in. fingers crossed.


i'll link you as well...

Lacking Productivity said...

I'm in.


Vicky said...

Those dresses are GORGEOUS!!!

Katie Taylor said...

you had me at samsonite. katieanntaylor.blogspot.com

Brooke said...

Oooooooo! I already know what I want!

Molly said...


Lia said...

This is an amazing giveaway! I hope I win!


Dani said...

That case is the shiz-it.

So are all the lovely rib-cage-not-required dresses.

I'm in:


sarahjane said...

Well, look at this! You host a giveaway and get tons of comments. Good for you!

angela hardison said...


and trying to figure out how/where to put the link since my links are on different pages..

i want a lot of things in the shop. waiting for something that looks like it might fit me right and you better believe i'll buy from you, even if i have my own vintage shop.

Mandy said...

quivering and bouncing on my seat as I raise my hand in the air and say "me me"...

erin said...

Oh lovely lovely. I don't have a side bar, but I did tweet about it if that will count... please! :-)


Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

So very pretty. My 14 year old is going to be drooling all over your site. I found you through Elissa above and will surely put you on my sidebar.



Mangelson's said...

Everything is so adorable!!



victoria said...

What a lovely giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!


Melissa said...

I'm totally in on this! kyleandmelworthen.blogspot.com

Melissa said...

and it's on the blog....

afton said...

please tell me i'm not too late! and please let me win! i want the samsonite train case like whoa!! throw a sister a bone here.

and your officially posted on my sidebar. not that many people venture to my unupdated blog but still, one day i'll start writing again and your button will be ready.

val of the south said...

http://livin-la-vida-utah.blogspot.com/ (if I'm not too late to the partay!)

Anonymous said...

Train case is beautiful!!! Pick me Pick me!!!!