i'm a parenthesis*

 day 36

i don't sleep. i'm like my mother in that way.
i wake with the sun then absorb every last minute i can at night when the house is quiet and time and space are my own.
4-5 hours a night (minus the occasional sleepless bender) is about all i can take.
sleep is an inconvenience. like peeing.

*up in the air, anyone? that single line has stuck with me for months.
it relates a little too perfectly to too many aspects of my life. i get it.
a departure from context. a digression.
i'm a parenthesis.


angela hardison said...

i'm jealous. wish i didn't need sleep... there's so much to do all the time! if i don't get atleast 8 hours my body kind of hates me. and anytime i don't have an alarm set or something to wake up for, it always always sleeps exactly 9 hours.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I am a first time visitor and simply in awe of your photo's. Just lovely.

sarah said...

i wish i didn't love my sleep. at about 7 i start craving that moment that i sink into bed.

that quote screamed at me during the movie. your relation to is poetic.

diana said...

you know me. i need sleep. lots of it. i wish i didn't, i'd be so much more productive.

still haven't seen "up in the air"... honestly can't remember the last movie i saw in the theatre. it might've been avatar, but who knows.

MaMaMaMandy said...

Angela said all I needed to say...oh wait, and one more thing- yes peeing is my all-time most annoying bodily function.

angelina said...

i'm not sleeping much or very well lately...it is an inconvenience in a way, but there is so much to be said for body regeneration?