luv-luv-luv i want your love

day 38

a casualty of listening to nothing but gaga in the car.

*flour on glamour.com (thank you, joanna!).
if it were me, i'd wear the 60s linen dress. those faux pockets are amazing.


sarah said...

i've had "that boy is a monsteeeeeeer" in my head for days. i'm driving everyone at school nuts because i can't stop singing it.

jonah, man. adorbs. check her mid-wave.

chelsea :: stock said...

mom says she looks just like your baby photos.

lucky girl, gonna be gorgeous just like her mama.

diana said...

oh lil' jonah. love her.

she is so powder pink. don't let her near the sun.

Dave and Tricia Folsom Family Fun said...

When I saw this pict. I immediately thought that she has the same head of hair as her Grandpa Willis! She is adorable!