you're all winners

no, not really.

any item in shop under $100 giveaway #1: comment 26 KASEY
samsonite train case giveaway #2: comment 11 ROBIN

congrats, ladies.

i could not figure out how to post the random # generator as verification, but spencer was monitoring the whole time and can vouch for me. - we take this sort of stuff very seriously.

kasey and robin, contact me via etsy or kayreed82 [at] hotmail with your addresses.
kasey - i'll be listing a lot of new shop items before the 15th. (and you have one of my favorite sigur ros songs on  your playlist. hugs.)

thank you, friends. i'll hold another giveaway soon.

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holy crap, this is just awesome. Thank you! Thank you! And you have very good taste in music. That sigur ros song is EPIC. Can't listen to it without getting chills. I see you know Kim Carlson. I do as well. Connect-tion!!
I shall be in touch soon.