a hoard of vintage eyeglass frames listed in midstate shop over the next few months
 day 65

one of the best things i've ever done for myself was lasik eye surgery. hands down. it's life changing.
but i'd be lying if i said i wasn't in the least bit envious of my four eyed friends who get to take advantage of the oversized frames trend without me. - wearing a pair with clear lenses just feels a little impractical after shelling out money to have my eyesight fixed.
so i've been hoarding some of my favorites for a while now. not using, just hoarding. in a box tucked away, never sure what i was actually going to do with them.
i'm ready to part with them and embrace my 20/20 vision.

in midstate shop this week. 3-5 pairs.
will be listing the rest throughout the remainder of the year.
modeled by my lovely sister inlaw. because midstate/flour  is a team effort. and let's get serious, i have adult acne.


angela hardison said...

third comment in a row from me. sorry, i'm annoying.

i just joined the glasses crowd, but they give me a headache. also i have adult acne right now...whyyyyy.

adorable photo.

Jen said...

She is gorgeous! Love the glasses too:)

Anonymous said...


sarahjane said...

I think I'm going to have dreams about these glasses!

abby said...

adorable picture. i swear i will still have acne when i'm 75.

abby said...

p.s. your flour clothing line is the stuff of dreams. seriously.

chelsea :: stock said...

holy big eyes batman!

our new s.i.l. is lovely, isn't she kays?

diana said...

beautiful girl. and she kinda looks like a blonde version of you a little bit.