anticipate fall

anticipate fall

day 66

secret 24hr sale. details:

1."like"flour here.
2. "share" flour there.
3. type "flour1" as your message to seller in etsy receipt. make payment.
4. receive 40% back via paypal on purchases of $100+. - shipping charges do not apply.
(discount is refunded to original buyer's paypal account within 24 hrs of received payment.)

*sale ends friday, july 23rd at midnight. - only purchases made before then are eligible.
*convo flourclothing[at]gmail with any questions.
*flour shop items only.

and if you can't keep a secret, then you might as well tell everyone you know...


brady lady said...

kays, i love the picture above with the baby's bum, please tell me you will take pictures of my new baby boy when he comes. you are so talented, my friend.

Kasey Gentry said...

pictures of the dress i won from you on my latest blog post. i love it so much!!!!

Kasey Gentry said...

oh, and your kids line is adorable!

kayleen said...

brady, that means you'll actually have to invite me to your house. i'm not sure you're ready for that.

kasey, love it! those pictures are so cute and the dress is so great on you.