lost & found

lost and found

day 63

lost memories.
pages full.
mary married joe. they had betty, then katie and finally little jim.


chelsea :: stock said...

well now I need a photo album in black paper with "photographs" on the front in that same font.

angela? get on that will yah?

where did you find this? esty/ebay buy? it couldn't be a family book could it??

kayleen said...

thrift. booyah.

i have their last name. i'm wondering if there's a way to get it back to the family. - that's not why i initially bought it of course, but now i just feel guilty even having it.

chelsea :: stock said...

I was wondering about that... did someone accidentally give them away? or just really didn't care?

angela hardison said...

so amazing. doesn't it almost make you want to cry? (or maybe i'm just emotional).

hey chelsea, i'll get on it.

diana said...


except for the part that someone dumped the treasure off at the local thrift. that part... not awesome.