i read bad poetry into your machine

i read bad poetry into your machine

day 74

happy first birthday, jonah girl.
you've only ever been easy to love.

i'm sure this video has brought up some burning questions:
yes. we're usually this homeless.
yes. even on special occasions.
no. gift giving is nowhere near our love language radar. yes, sarcasm apparently is


sarah said...


was so awe.some i can barely stand it.

diana said...

i'm happy to see that a dolly has finally made an appearance at the r* home. it's about time.

and that two-toothed grinned at the end of the video is the best thing ever.

oh i love that jonah.

afton said...

that video melted my heart in so many ways. i'm also slightly offended i was not invited to the birthday festivities. that jonah is just too awesome. love her.

sarahjane said...

Yeah, the wrapping paper? Questionable.

But her sweet little face after she sees the doll is so great! I love her squinty smile. Do you just spend all day squeezing that little chubby girl? I would.

chelsea :: stock said...

squinty smile... heart. tug. ugh.

I like that you can hear my dad lovin' on her in the back ground.... "that smile!"

brady lady said...

oh jonah, how funny you are, happy 1st birthday, although owen may be dissappointed in the number of gifts you received, he must be reminded it's not about the quantity but the quality of the gifts and apparently you were all too satisfied with the dolly.

that two teeth smile is priceless.

angela hardison said...

oh wow. the squinty smile and the kisses. adorable. happy birthday to little jonah.

MaMaMaMandy said...

It is so great how little girls just automatically know their role- to LOVE dollies!

LOVE IT! Jonah is TOO hard- happy belated sweet girl!