put on an argyle sweater and put on a smile

day 75

i've learned to be okay with changing my mind.
to allow myself to feel differently than i've previously stated i felt.
i'm bombastic. i claim ideas and beliefs before they ever finish materializing in my head.
i'm okay with this.
with coming to my own place of understanding a little less quietly than others and slowly zigzagging along from place to place.

i've learned that all of these places, my places, are infinite and ever-changing,
and focusing on the race from point a to b feels useless when point b simply doesn't exist.


Jen said...

Hey Hottie! You look amazing & I'm Lovin that hair!

diana said...

i wish there was a like button.

amen and amen.

this is exactly how i've been feeling lately.

i need to see your hair in person.

kate lines said...

i often wish i could do more things in life "quietly."

photo(s)? amazing. your hair rocks. your clothes are cool. and your really skinny.

(also, your comment that said "chelsea told me you were back" made me nervous. because you guys are both really cool.)

angela hardison said...

instead of trying to write a comment as equally profound as this post, i'll just say this:

your hair looks awesome.

Robin said...

The hair is fabulous. I am loving mine short as well. Now if I only I were a natural red head and as skinny as you, I'd be set. I always enjoy reading your posts. Thanks.

sarah said...

i need to learn to be ok with changing my mind. i think god is trying to force that upon me. but maybe not just with changing my mind, but with any kind of change. at the rate these lessons are being thrown at me, i'm going to be an olympian changer by 55.

Katie Taylor said...

hi cute hair.

chelsea :: stock said...

its funny. I struggle with the opposite. I change my mind constantly, and tend to sway with the winds of opinion. I have to work at sticking to my guns, once I figure out what they are anyway. know who I am and claim it.

I feel like I know you a little better after your visit. and I love you all the more for it.

afton said...

bombastic is such a good word.

Emily Ruth said...

I just wish I COULD put on a sweater. But I am smiling.

brady lady said...

those red shoes are hot