this is our genesis

hotel hallways
day 76

spencer and i recently spent some time in the pacific northwest. and in spite of our bank account seeing red a mere 2 days in, it was a wonderful trip.
even the 24+ hrs we spent either fighting or grossly flirting with each other all in front of his little sister and co. was still a real good time. - for us. not a good time for chelsea and her family obviously.
as a couple, we make people uncomfortable. don't invite us to vacation with you.

streets and peaks
we are


diana said...

i bet we can out-uncomfortable you guys on vacation... our best fights happen when we're on the road.

great pics.

Jen West said...

wow! what a way to capture your trip. i love the photos and i am so jealous you got away together :)

Camille said...

As a human, you make me really uncomfortable. But I can't stop reading your blog. Actually I haven't ever tried.

brady lady said...


cheerleader said...

hilarious! Reading your blog is like a natural prozac. It always puts a smile on my face!

sarah said...

love these pics. love.

that photobooth wall is amazing.

sarah said...

btw, remember when we went to vegas for the masters wedding and clay and i were certain your marriage was breaking up right then and there in our little matrix on the drive home. and then we realized that's that just your language. i think it's great.

chelsea :: stock said...

like we give you guys that much thought, geez. don't flatter yourself.

jk. love yahs! hugs! cyasoon!

(really, it was a good time for us too)