i missed you for twenty nine years

day 92
day 92
text from little sister: the next time you see mom please have her tell you the story of how she went down to the tea party rally today in downtown phoenix. dropped off. by herself. then walked 16 blocks down jefferson to ride the lightrail home. you'll die.

she had my father drop her off on a whim when they happened to drive by the rally.
and apparently she made friends all along the way with people most of us would veer away from.
none of this surprises me about my mother. she's got heart.
and is about as good a person as they come.


Jen West said...

i love that woman!

angela hardison said...

that's pretty awesome.

Dani said...

I don't know her, but I already like her. She sounds rad.

**Your title is from one of my all time favorite songs. It slays me.

kayleen said...

dani, it's one of my favorites as well. - most of my titles are lyrics from the national. best lyricist since robert smith. :)

afton said...

you know when people say they have the best mom? it's only because they don't know ours.

and later that night she stroke up a conversation with some girl waiting outside of olive garden with us. they talked for 20 minutes. with mom giving her tips about the state fair and all about her job. how did none of us get this trait? speaking comfortably with strangers is nowhere in my skills.

kayleen said...

Thus trait comes with age and children. I wouldn't so much as smile at a stranger but now u vomit conversation all over the man behind me in the checkout line.

kayleen said...

*droid spelling errors. Droid fail.

ames said...

the tea parties bring out the best in people.

ames said...
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