[sunday] i'm in love

Day 1
Day 1

counting the significant and not so significant days gone by has turned into somewhat of a security blanket for me.
or maybe it's simply become a way for me to measure time missed. a way for my mind to quietly work its way back when it needs to.

9 weeks of shooting in black and white.
Lack of Color Here (LOCH) project. take one.
see you after christmas.


abby said...

i really admire the way you've expressed yourself this year.

angela hardison said...

i really love that picture.

diana said...

you look really beautiful in this picture.

don't make fun of me for saying that.

ames said...

this picture is amazing. u have a few pictures I want to print and frame, I'll need to get your ok and pay you of course ;)

smachieq said...

you = pretty.