i should learn my lesson not to complain so loudly

sunday picnics on the living room flooronly 4 lives left

day 11

sunday picnics on the living room floor.

then almost dying - only 4 lives left. watch yourself, brother. - and screaming for dad to come home. apparently sundays weren't hard enough for us already.

facial scars are endearing, right? (right?)


brady lady said...

as my kids and i look at this picture of elliot, alyssa says that, that's her (pointing to elliot with the black eye); which is actually true in so many ways. she and elliot share a common ground, they love danager and apparently anything that can or could hurt them. alyssa (like elliot) may be the death of me.

kayleen said...

brady, bring your baby to see me already. you guys can spend the night, so you don't have to make the drive back. i'll get the air mattress ready.