we're into the first week of summer.
during the last week of classes owen's school held a water day,
where he later returned home from with out any underwear on.

o: mom, you didn't send me any underwear with my clothes!
m: yes i did.
o: ... what color were they?
m: white. are you not wearing any underwear?
o: i didn't know they were mine! the teacher asked!
m: the teacher asked the class whose they were? where are they now?
o: in the lost & found.
m: listen to me... you just leave them there.

i then took the opportunity to explain to him that lying by omission is not always that bad. and if it means you go commando instead of having to claim your skivvies in front of your entire class, then you keep your hand down.
lesson learned.

all in all, i'd say it ended a pretty successful first year.