Hello new year

I am a poor boy too
I've decided there should be some sort of medal for having all of the house laundry done, put away, without a single linen in the dirty clothes basket. 'Cause on the rare occasion I'm able to make this happen, I feel like a winner - and I'll shamelessly relish in even the smallest achievement.

So in accordance with this - appeasing my winning spirit and inflating my sense of accomplishment - I'd like to consider every year survived from here on out, with self and children mentally/emotionally/physically intact, as my grandest endeavor yet; my very own Mt Everest each new year.

Feel free to express your congratulations the next time you see me for making it to the summit, once again, with spirits and limbs attached (believe it).
Onward and upward.

2012, I resolve to...
Be more tolerant
Be less worldly-minded