Keep your head in the game, Son

Spencer coached O and E's soccer team this fall.
It was exactly how you'd imagine a bunch of 4-7yr boys chasing a ball back and forth on an open field would be.
Owen had a lot of fun, Spencer loved it (he really did) and wants to be Coach Spencer again,
and Elliot was strictly there for the postgame treats.

The last picture was taken right before the opposing team made the game winning goal.
Rolled right between the post and his butt without him even noticing it. - This scenario sums up his personality perfectly. He lives in his own little world where I'm guessing ninjas, pirates, and superheros reside as well.
I love this about him.

(All pics were taken by the Guinns [Thank you so much!])
lelly kicks
Beep Bow Boop 
way to hustle #11
Way to hustle #11 
Coach Spencer & Coach Kyle & a Sonic Drink giving the boys a riveting pep talk 
Game Treat Huddle. Lookin' alive, boys!  
parent post game tunnel
Postgame Parent Tunnel - 2nd time through I gave a spank. Owen loved going through twice. 
yeah, this seems about right
Yeah, this seems about right