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merry christmas

Our 2007

Spencer has been busy… searching for the perfect Christmas sweater, working in A/C with the in-laws, recording and releasing an album with his band, growing his hair out, taking up Tivo space with Sun’s games, getting his clerk work on at church, and informing his wife that she has ruined Christmas by prematurely buying the gift he was planning on getting her.

Kayleen has been busy… wearing white after labor day, getting her vaycay on by working one day a week outside the home, joining a book club in an effort to appear more intelligent, complaining about the endless number of Sun’s games, shamelessly promoting her latest endeavors (flourClothing), and feeling okay about ruining Christmas.

Owen has been busy… learning to walk at a whopping 16 1/2 months, making messes, blaming his poopy diapers on “baby l’elliot”, exploring his backyard, and being too cute to discipline.

Elliot has been busy… being born, laughing at everything you do, crying the second you leave the room, rolling over, NOT sleeping through the night, and loving his family unconditionally.

Merry Christmas from the Reeds
Hi-fives all around!

{to the lucky few that received our 12"x16" portrait and card via mail....you're welcome. we hope our giant faces, framed and hung upon your wall, will fill your home with as much holiday spirit as it has ours.}

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