we sleep with white walls

we sleep with white walls

being a mother: i don't think there's any other occupation that could leave you curled up in the fetal position as many times as this job does. worrying about whether or not you're doing it right is the hardest part for me. but if i'm able to teach my kids anything, i hope i can teach them this:

i want them to know that they are loved. both by me and by their father. by their extended family and friends.

i want them to understand the value in hard work and the importance in being self-sufficient.

i want them to laugh. to not take themselves seriously and to never take offense.

i want them to be sensitive to the spirit and open to it's convictions.

i want them to be imaginative, free-thinking and creative with their world.

i want them to believe that they can be anyone they want to be.

i want them to see the worth in knowing things. the significance of words.

we pick our noses
and i want them to think it's funny to pick your nose in a semi-serious photo shoot. because it is.

happy mamma's day.

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